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    Are HMRC always right?

    Some years ago HMRC were given wider information powers and also a right of access to business premises. What we have seen of more recent times is HMRC attempting to use these powers but, regularly, overstepping the mark. Two cases make interesting reading. The first involved a General Practitioner who, for many years, acted as […]

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    More compliance changes ahead

    In the continuing battle against avoidance and evasion, HMRC have launched three more consultations on proposals to tackle the hidden economy, promote tax compliance and create a level playing field for UK business. HMRC estimate that, in 2013/14, the hidden economy tax gap was £6.2bn.

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    Leading Your Team to Success

    With memories of Team GB and NI’s tremendous achievements in the Olympics still fresh in our minds, (as well as the disappointing performance of the England football team!), it is interesting to reflect on what makes teams successful and whether your team has all the ingredients it needs to make it a winning team.  Effective […]

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    Making Tax Digital – Implications for Self-Employed And Landlords

    In my blog ‘Bringing Business Tax Into The Digital Age’, I described the additional reporting requirements that Making Tax Digital (MTD) will impose on the self-employed and landlords. In this blog I look at proposals to make tax easier for the self-employed and unincorporated landlords which HMRC suggest will help them meet these additional reporting […]

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