• Mercia Planning Ahead Michael Siviter

    The Importance and Benefits of Planning Ahead

    The benefits of planning ahead shouldn’t be overlooked. I am regularly told by our clients that the main reason why solid plans are not put in place in the workplace is due to a lack of time. But what are the consequence of this and are these too costly to ignore?

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  • Mercia Blog Talking To Your Clients Statutory Residence Test

    An Overview of Statutory Residence Test (SRT)

    The Statutory Residence Test (SRT) is designed to provide a simple process and clear outcome for the vast majority of people whose circumstances are straightforward. Indeed, for the majority of individuals, the SRT has no impact whatsoever on their residence status. They are either clearly resident in the UK or clearly not resident in the […]

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  • ISQC 1 Accounting Auditing

    Are You Complying With ISQC 1?

    This may seem like a very odd question as the International Standard on Quality Control 1 (ISQC 1) was introduced over a decade ago.  However, my discussions with practitioners suggest that this might be the problem.  Although the standard was revised in June this year it has attracted relatively little attention since an initial flurry.

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  • Mercia Client Letter Taxation Advice

    Tax Advisers Risk A £3,000 Fine For Not Informing Clients

    Hidden within the Finance Act (No.2) 2015, is a requirement placed on financial institutions and other tax advisers to notify their clients about information that HMRC will receive under international agreements to improve tax disclosure. These new rules could affect your practice if you have provided any of your clients with tax advice which relates […]

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  • Big Ben Westminster Autumn Statement 2016 Mercia

    Autumn Statement 2016 – Expect the Unexpected?

    We are set for an intriguing Autumn Statement from the new Chancellor. Even if George Osborne had kept his job, the Autumn Statement would have had to deal with the economic fallout from Brexit. Philip Hammond will of course make important announcements on this and has hinted at the potential need to ‘reset’ fiscal policy. […]

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