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  • MTD for VAT Notice published

    Making Tax Digital for VAT – Notice has been published!

    VAT Notice 700/22: Making Tax Digital for VAT was published on 13 July 2018, alongside two other documents: Making Tax Digital for Business – Stakeholder Communications Pack and Software suppliers supporting Making Tax Digital for VAT. This article focusses on the tertiary law and guidance in Notice 700/22. HMRC have the power to issue Making […]

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  • What is a digital link for MTD anyway?

    What is a digital link for MTD anyway?

    Should we be wary or embrace the fact that HMRC decided to publish more information on Making Tax Digital on Friday 13th, a date on the superstition spectrum which ranges from being unlucky for some to full on paraskevidekatriaphobia (yes – it is a real word)? Unfortunately the announcements on Friday do not indicate any […]

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  • nordwood-themes-166423-unsplash

    MTD for VAT and the digitally excluded

    I’ve recently been travelling around the country presenting about Making Tax Digital. The idea for this article came from the numerous accountants who shared their concerns about how MTD for VAT will affect their clients who, for various reasons, are unable to use the internet.  Such people are often described as ‘digitally excluded’. Background Such […]

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  • Mercia Blog Tax Blog

    Making Tax Digital Delayed – But Which Bit?

    So at last some common sense has prevailed. The Government or HMRC (it is not entirely clear which is pushing this project so hard) have at last decided that the pace of the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD) will be slowed but only for businesses.

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  • Making Tax Digital Mercia Group

    The Next Legislative Step

    Despite all of the so-called consultation over recent months, the Budget speech and subsequent publication of the Finance Bill illustrate that HMRC have not really listened or moved their position materially from their original starting point.

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  • Mercia Blog Making Tax Digital

    Hurrah for the House of Lords

    Quarterly data as part of Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a bit like the Emperor’s New Clothes. It appears to serve absolutely no purpose, creates huge additional costs and administration burdens and yet no-one seems to be saying no.

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