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    Brexit – the view from Ireland

    Brexit – the view from Ireland Introduction You are presumably aware that Mercia operates in Ireland, with separate operating companies in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In both jurisdictions, there is apprehension about the impact Brexit may have, and much has been written about hard and soft borders to date by many […]

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  • Brexit uncertainties

    Brexit uncertainties and contingency planning

    Introduction Everyone knows that the UK is set to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. What we don’t yet know is the terms on which we shall do so. Will this be a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit or something in between? How will it affect cross border transactions, taxes, duties, grants and regulations? […]

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  • Mercia Blog CCAB draft anti-money laundering

    Treasury Approved CCAB Anti-Money Laundering Guidance Issued

    On the 7th March 2018 the CCAB issued the final HM Treasury approved version of the Anti-money guidance for the accountancy sector. Whilst there are a lot of changes due to a general tidying up, for example using the word country instead of jurisdiction, there are not many of more significance.

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  • Mercia Blog Autumn Budget 2017

    Highlights from Autumn Budget 2017

    The first annual Autumn Budget presented to the House of Commons since 1996 was shrouded by political pressures, a narrow majority, gloomy economic forecasts and in-fighting amongst the Conservatives following the Brexit vote.

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  • Mercia Blog Solicitors SRA Accounts Rules 2018

    SRA Accounts Rules 2018 for Solicitors

    Regular readers of our blogs who have an interest in the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules will recall that we have been discussing news of proposed changes to the Accounts Rules for some time now, following the announcement in 2014 that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) was adopting a three-phased approach to reforming the rules.

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  • Mercia Blog Finance Bill

    Finance Bill fiasco

    Another General Election, another Finance Bill forced through Parliament with no scrutiny. This is not the way tax law should be set. Of course, the last time this happened in 2015 the Government was forced to amend numerous elements of the legislation it had forced through because it didn’t work, but clearly no-one has learned […]

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  • Loading New Year 2017 on Chalkboard Blackboard

    Mercia – looking back and planning ahead

    This has been another busy year for everyone involved at Mercia. We continue to thrive as a business, realising the need for progression in order to provide our clients with the best products and services possible. We also updated our branding and overall look to keep the Mercia brand progressing. Here are some of our […]

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