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    Some relief for FHLs

    For several years now the lack of availability of Business Property Relief (‘BPR’) for furnished holiday lets (‘FHLs’) has been well known and established through cases such as Pawson, Green and Ross. The courts in these cases ruled that the holiday lets were too much of a passive investment to qualify as a business, even […]

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    Corporation tax loss reform

    From 1 April 2017, the tax treatment of certain types of carried forward losses were reformed for corporation tax purposes. Previously, trading losses could only be set against later profits of the same trade and non-trading deficits on loan relationships could only be set against non-trading profits. Carried-forward amounts could not be surrendered as group […]

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  • Finance Bill

    Finance Bill Friday…40 clauses plus 16 schedules…

    For many Friday afternoon these days appears to be associated with winding down and easing into the weekend unless of course you are involved in tax!  This time of the week is increasingly being used by HM Treasury for key announcements. On Friday 18 May, the consultation known as ‘Off- payroll working in the private […]

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  • Mercia Blog Dividend Allowance

    Incorporation and the reduction in the Dividend Allowance

    Traditionally the months of February and March allow us to catch up with clients to discuss pre-year-end tax planning. One area we may follow up with some clients is the issue about incorporating their business. There are many aspects to this of course, but clients may be particularly interested in the tax position.

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  • Tax Evasion Mercia Group Blog

    Understanding Criminal Finances Act 2017

    The Criminal Finances Act 2017, which received Royal Assent in April 2017, took effect on 30 September 2017. It makes companies and partnerships criminally liable if they fail to prevent tax evasion being carried out (in the UK or potentially abroad) by a member of their staff, anyone acting on their behalf or an external […]

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