• Mercia Blog 10 Ways to Use Social Media For Your Firm

    Tips On Using Social Media For Your Firm

    It is an absolute must for businesses to have brand presence on social media websites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media should therefore form a key part of your marketing strategy as it enables you to instantly connect with your clients.

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  • Mercia Blog Strategy for Success

    Strategy For Success

    Strategic thinking can benefit the smallest of businesses, a corner newsagents or an IFA working out of her home office. The common thread is the desire to plan for the future, to navigate the competitive rocks and shoals that confront anyone in business over the coming years.  It’s working out how to best employ those […]

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  • Mercia SEO Digital Marketing Services

    Why SEO Is Important For Businesses

    Businesses are realising the potential of digital as more and more firms are investing in their brands online. However, simply investing in a new website and creating social media pages is not enough. To get a return on your investment in a website, it is important to consider search engine optimization (SEO) – after all […]

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  • Mercia Blog Email Marketing

    Getting Email Marketing Right

    It is important to regularly keep in touch with your clients and prospects. Emails can help you to promote your firm, market your professional services and demonstrate your availability should your clients need to get in touch. Periodic newsletters and email campaigns are an easy and effective way to do so.

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  • LinkedIn Business Strategy

    Using LinkedIn as part of your business strategy

    Last month, we shared tips on using LinkedIn to improve your online presence. This month, we look at how accountancy firms can use LinkedIn to market their practice online. LinkedIn has established itself as a powerful and useful business tool, rather than simply as a method of connecting with those who you know in the […]

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  • LinkedIn social friends on his network

    Tips On Using LinkedIn To Improve Your Online Presence

    LinkedIn is a professional networking site that enables companies and professionals alike to build a network of business contacts and share content with them.  It is a useful tool to expand and improve relationships as well as build trust and credibility among your contacts.  Here are four tips to help you maximise your LinkedIn potential. Update […]

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  • Mercia Planning Ahead Michael Siviter

    The Importance and Benefits of Planning Ahead

    The benefits of planning ahead shouldn’t be overlooked. I am regularly told by our clients that the main reason why solid plans are not put in place in the workplace is due to a lack of time. But what are the consequence of this and are these too costly to ignore?

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  • in-house_training

    Leading Your Team to Success

    With memories of Team GB and NI’s tremendous achievements in the Olympics still fresh in our minds, (as well as the disappointing performance of the England football team!), it is interesting to reflect on what makes teams successful and whether your team has all the ingredients it needs to make it a winning team.  Effective […]

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